LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) platform is a successful alternative to commercial software for building and operating dynamic and high performance web systems. PHP has become one of the major player on the web development market in the last few years. For all Linux hosting packages, PHP 5.5 has recently become the standard version.

The upgraded PHP version 5.5 comes with lots of changes and value additions. Most of the changes are beneficiary for the e-commerce stores running on php.

Here’s a Brief description of what PHP version 5.5 has to offer your e-commerce store

1. Addition of keywords

In php version 5.5, the provided refinery keyword facility will allow a developer to define block code, cache block for better keyword search. It improves the result of the search based on keywords. Keyword search is very much helpful in the e-commerce online stores.

2. Availability of Generators

Availability of generators provides a way for iteration through the data. Because of which the function keyword will give the more appropriate results. In e-commerce online stores, it is important to get appropriate results for a particular search for keyword. Availability of generators in php version 5.5 provides this facility.

3. Class name resolution update

Updated class name resolution in the php version 5.5 provides easy and fast filtering through the class names. More options for the class name resolution and filtration in the updated php version. For e-commerce online stores more class name filtration gives better results.

4. Empty functions acceptability

Empty functions are used to determine the false or equal value false commands. Sometimes these empty functions won’t work properly and take the search result back to the original place. In php version 5.5, the acceptability of the empty function is improved. It won’t take the search result at initial position. In advanced version, the false value recognition is improved. It helps e-commerce online stores to get uninterrupted process of product selling after the false command entries. It helps the e-commerce online stores to gain more customers.

5. Security

Apart from core technical impact, the main impact of php version 5.5 is on security. This version makes the e-commerce online stores become more secure. For example, as Microsoft have decided to cut-off the support system of windows XP and other older versions, it is easy to crack the systems working with earlier. But it will not be an issue in php based systems as php 5.5 version does not function on the windows XP or older versions. So the firewall provided by the windows and security system of php will keep your e-commerce store intact.

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Lokesh S – Senior Software Engineer