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Why Go Mobile?

Everyone’s talking about how important it is to implement mobile solutions for your business. What types of information can be viewed, edited, updated, etc. on a mobile device?  How does this relate to your business? Worldwide, 85% of the users go for mobile Internet...

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Best Ways to Create an Awesome Web Application

It is an established fact that PHP is one of the most popular language for programming. Sometimes, the PHP developers are likely to rely on the language heavily and, as an end result many mistakes can occur in the plan. These five ways are here to help you to avoid...

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Bad CakePHP Habits & How to Rectify Them!

As a programmer we are always learning, so it is important to follow the best practices and adjust to them. CakePHP Conventions There are actually CakePHP coding conventions which should be followed. I will highlight a few things,   1) Control Structures.  So...

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