Study Case

Datacenter Platform Automation

Client – Datacenter Company
Man Hours Spent : 30k+

Business Requirement

The client is one of the renowned public datacenters in US with colocation centers at Dallas and Atlanta, and offering cloud, colocation and hosted servers. They wanted to automate their complete datacenter management process using a custom platform built in Ruby on Rails.

They were also at that point in time launching cloud services based on Vmware vCloud and wanted to partner with a company that understands the vSphere and vCloud infrastructure suite well which is why they chose Carmatec as their development partner.


The application consisted of 2 different portals, each with its specific set of functions.

1. The customer portal was aimed to create a platform for the client’s customers to seamlessly manage their servers/services and to facilitate ease of interaction with the technicians. It is a very high end portal with heavy backend integration having functions  as mentioned below.


  1. User and Role Management
  2. Server Management
  3. Bandwidth Management
  4. Server Statistics Management
  5. Remote OS Reload
  6. KVM Over IP
  7. Remote Reboot
  8. Domain Management
  9. Server Support Management
  10. Cpanel Management
  11. Application Monitoring
  12. Vcloud Integration
  13. Security and Audit Log Management
  14. VPN Connection Management
  15. Full Help Manuals and Videos Management

2. A full fledged data center management portal with end-to-end automation of their processes. It has all sorts of trackers and API integration in place to simplify the day to day work of the employees, and streamline the operations. The data portal automation is one of the flagship projects that CodeWebber built, with close to 20k+ dev hours spent on it.

Data Portal Features

  1. Server Management
  2. Colo Management
  3. Storage Management
  4. Network Management
  5. Power Management
  6. IP Management
  7. Inventory Management
  8. Software and License Management
  9. Business Management
  10. Work and Process Tracker Management
  11. Tools Management
  12. Maintenance Notification
  13. Cloud Management
  14. Employee Management
  15. Report Management


Ruby on rails , Ajax/js, Html/css, Mysql
API integration of the platform with Cpanel/WHMCS , vMware vCloud APIs, Enom, Nagios and MRTG.