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Cloud Application Development

Cloud Applications are developed in specialized environments that enable quick scaling of applications while compared to traditional server based environments. Over and above this, as a consumer of Cloud Services, one can opt for various levels of management of the cloud platform thereby improving the flexibility in application design and also gaining other controls.

At CodeWebber, we bring in more than 12 years of experience in building and managing enterprise applications using various architectural blueprints.

Cloud Platforms

We develop cloud enabled applications on both CodeWebber implemented and third party cloud platforms.

Software Stacks

For customers who would wish to get relieved of the hardware and OS management, CodeWebber offers multiple development environment such as Google App Engine, Azure platform development and Force.com.

Private Cloud Deployments

When compliance and data security is a requirement, Private Cloud set ups are opted for and we have deep understanding of Vmware, Xen, Cloudstack and other cloud environments.

Compliance & Security

Our software architecture keeps compliance in mind and we develop applications in compliance to various industry requirements, such as HIPPA, PCI to name a few.

Cloud Application Management

We offer complete management via our 24x7 NOC services to help you maintain and run your cloud applications in a secure environment with the stipulated SLA parameters.

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